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NYSE again

October 30, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

This time, problems with quote dissemination.

The alert stated that the recovery process in quote dissemination processing caused a temporary interruption of all quote dissemination processing, affecting “all symbol ranges.”

The result was “a slowness in quote dissemination in a subset of our issues,” an NYSE Euronext spokesman said.


By 11:58 EDT the issue had been resolved, following a restart of the technology systems, a four-minute process.

This indicates to me that hot fail over plans

  1. may not have existed, or
  2. that they didn’t work, or
  3. a cutover couldn’t be performed due to some issues, or
  4. the “outage” didn’t trigger a cutover due to SLA thresholds.

I wonder what the typical redundancy/recovery plans for such a real time system look like.

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